Non - Marine International

The Non-Marine team specialises in Treaty and Facultative reinsurance solutions. We are market leaders in the Caribbean and Nordic regions and expanding into new areas.

Our approach is to give our clients a comprehensive advantage in their own business. We use a combination of competitive transactional skills integrated with a highly respected modelling and analytical capability. This is all achieved by teams of highly experienced individuals, with many years' knowledge of the regions in which we operate.

We bring diverse and extensive experience across a broad spectrum of business including:

  • Property Excess of Loss and Proportional Risk, Cat and Aggregate protections
  • Engineering
  • Motor & Casualty
  • Aquaculture & Livestock
  • WCA / Employers' Liability
  • Life, Health & Personal Accident
  • Credit, Bonds & Guarantees
  • Cyber Liability/Crime
  • Drones
  • Facultative including facilities and captives

Our main areas are:

  • Nordic & European
  • Caribbean & Latin America
  • Asia Pacific