Business Development


Here at AHJ, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities in different areas, whether through geographical or product line diversification.

In the recent past, we have established an area of the business designed specifically to work primarily with brokers and cedants around the world to explore new niche areas.  

Some examples of the areas in which we have developed solutions during the last two years would include:

  • Payment Protection or Unemployment Insurances
  • Legal Expenses Affinity Schemes
  • Hull and Liability Insurances for Drone Operators
  • Personal Accident Affinity Schemes
  • Extended Warranty Insurances
  • Equipment Insurances for Aquaculture Operators
  • Cancellation and Non-Appearance [Contingency] Insurances

Whether you would like to access new markets for existing product lines or develop a new market niche, please make contact and we can discuss whether we can support you in your markets.

Key contacts: