Global Product Recall (GPR)

GPR offers Contaminated Product Insurance (CPI) providing coverage for the food and beverage industry, with market lead expertise specifically in the meat and poultry sectors. We also offer Property Defect Insurance (PDI) for the non-food and auto components sectors, as well as providing capacity for Restaurant Contamination Insurance (RCI). 

Coverage is provided through two facilities which are underwritten by specialist product recall and contaminated products personnel at Alwen Hough Johnson Limited.  The capacities, detailed below, are generated by security being provided by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London (A+ S&P rated).

The Underwriter, who is supported by two underwriting assistants and claims technicians, will bind business on behalf of the Munich Re syndicate for both facilities, with additional support to be offered by the TMK syndicate in respect of the “food and beverage” arrangement on approval.

The GPR Underwriter started in the Insurance market in 1989, underwriting Marine Cargo risks before becoming a crisis management consultant, providing pre-incident planning reviews and crisis response. Much of his work in this field was focused on matters relating to Product Recall, specifically within the food and beverage sectors. He returned to the market in 2004 to underwrite Product Contamination Insurance, Product Defect Insurance and Restaurant Contamination Insurance. He is a long standing recognised market leader in Product Recall. 


Key facts about our cover:


Maximum Limits Offered

• USD 10,000,000 food & beverage

• USD 5,000,000 non-food & auto

A minimum gross premium of USD 12,500 per contract applies. 


Contaminated Products Insurance

• Accidental Contamination

• Malicious Product Tamper

• Product Extortion


First-Party Coverage

• Pre-recall expenses

• Recall expenses

• Incident response costs for retained consultants (24/7)

• Recalled or destroyed product value (including packaging)

• Increased cost of working

• Media communications

• Additional crisis consultants

• 12 months loss of gross income

• Rehabilitation expenses, including promotional costs

• Government mandated recall (additional coverage available)

• Adverse publicity (additional coverage available)


Third-Party Coverage

• Third-party recall expenses

• Customer loss of gross income (additional coverage available)

• Retailers’ expense coverage (additional coverage available)


Policy Attachments

• 24/7 crisis hotline to assist with incidents

• Access to expert crisis consultants providing loss mitigation assistance


Risk Appetite

• Food, beverage and nutraceutical manufacturers, processors, contract manufacturers (co-packers)

• Consumer goods, non-safety critical auto and other non-industrial equipment

• Restaurant Trade


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