The Alwen Hough Johnson Pension & Assurance Scheme 

Statement of Investment Principles

A Statement of Investment Principles has been prepared by the Trustees in accordance with Section 35 of the Pensions Act 1995, as amended, and its attendant Regulations. 

This Statement outlines the principles governing the investment policy of the AHJ Pension and Assurance Scheme and the activities undertaken by the Trustees to ensure the effective implementation of these principles.

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Statement of Investment Principles

If you require a paper copy of this statement or require any other information about the Scheme, please contact the scheme administrators at:

First Actuarial LLP

Fosse House, 182 High Street, Tonbridge, Kent, 


T: 01732 207500


Implementation Statement

Trustees of defined benefit pension schemes are now required to produce an Engagement Policy Implementation Statement ("EPIS"). This document sets out the actions undertaken by the Trustees, their service providers and investment managers, to implement the stewardship policy set out in the Statement of Investment Principles ("SIP"). The document includes voting and engagement information that has been gathered from the asset managers and an overview of how the policies within the SIP have been implemented during the reporting period.

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Implementation Statement

Data Privacy Statement

The Alwen Hough Johnson Pension and Assurance Scheme Data Privacy Statement can be accessed below.

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Data Privacy Statement